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Quality and environmental policy

ASAVA Management defines and participates in the Quality and Environment Policy of its Company that, having as basic objectives the full satisfaction of our customers and the protection and conservation of the environment as means to ensure the profitability and continuity of the Company, bets on the achievement of the following General Objectives:

  • Improve the quality in the execution of our work, maintaining effective communication with customers, so that their needs and expectations are met with efficiency, productivity and commitment, so that we differ from our competitors, with the permanent interest to evolve towards the continuous improvement of our processes.

  • Achieve the prevention and elimination of errors in the work, developing an effective process of control of real and potential non-conformities that prevents their translation to the customer.

  • Save costs in the performance of our work, periodically analyzing the evolution of them.

  • Comply with customer requirements and legal requirements arising from applicable environmental and quality legislation, as well as other requirements we subscribe to related to our environmental aspects.

  • Make a permanent monitoring of the results obtained through Environmental and Quality Management, for which we have delegated all the necessary authority to our Department. of Quality and Environment. This monitoring is the basis for continuous improvement of the environmental performance and effectiveness of the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System and pollution prevention.

  • Motivate and train staff in their professional development, enhancing their teamwork attitude, internal communication and personalized treatment towards them, so that they are involved and feel integrated in the achievement of Quality and Environmental Management, giving it the necessary responsibilities and authority.

  • Establish all necessary mechanisms to prevent and minimize pollution and environmental impact in the development of our activities, identifying and evaluating aspects that may have a significant impact on the environment, planning the operational controls necessary to ensure responsible action from the start of each process throughout its development.

  • Maintain continuous collaboration and communication with our suppliers, so that our quality and environmental requirements are clear.

The Directorate assumes as an obligation of its responsibilities, the commitment to exercise leadership in the implementation and application of behaviors consistent with the documented in the Integrated Quality and Environment System of LOGOPAT, acting as a driver, guide and example in compliance with it, which is declared mandatory for all levels and personnel of the Company, as it is a key factor for the survival of the same as meet the requirements (from UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015; legal requirements; quality requirements; and other requirements to which the Company subscribes related to its environmental aspects) and continuously improve the effectiveness of the IMS and pollution prevention.


The Company Management will make available the necessary resources, within its economic possibilities, for the compliance with this Quality and Environment Policy, managing them effectively to ensure the fluidity of the company. This Quality and Environment Policy provides a reference framework for setting and reviewing Quality and Environment Objectives.


Dña. Ruth de Diego Gamarra 
– Director of ASAVA. –
Madrid 25th april 2023

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